Traders are generally brick and mortar companies and business owners that have an existing website which gets neglected in the day to day run of their business. Engage’s Traders sign up to have a wordpress folder (usually /blog/) added onto their website. From the blog folder Engage is able to add high quality, useful content on interest topics relevant to advertisers on our platform and drive additional traffic to your site as a whole.

Why would a business owner  / trader do this?

The “blogs” created by Engage are styled to look similar to the theme of the traders origional website and provide navigation to and from the traders main commercial pages and even use the main site logo so as not to cause disruption to any potential customer experience that lands on the blog to the Traders main pages.

The upside for Trader website is that their site is freely added into Engages in-house contextual marketing campaigns, where we promote and drive new traffic to the blog and the Traders website at no cost. In other words Traders can focus on their core business offline, while Engage takes over the creation and marketing of their blog. Hands, free blog marketing is the quid-pro-quo spin-off for hosting a Trader blog for Engage. Blog posts added to trader sites are quality vetted to ensure that a continual traffic growth over time yet still align with the objectives of the Traders real business model.

It’s important to understand that the blog folder added by Engage is secured and managed by Engage and runs seperately from your website with the intent to have a positive impact on the performance of the Traders site. Traders can continue to market their home and business pages directly to their target audience as normal and can feel free to share posts from the blog that are relevent to their audience. Engage is only responsible for what happens in the blog folder but are in open cummunication with Traders to ensure that the blog folder becomes a valuable attribute of their website.

What if problems happen to my company website?

This commitment ensures that Engage adheres strictly to industry and search engine guidelines, standards and terms of service which excludes certain types of marketing practices that could pose a negative threat to Traders website. That said, what exists on the Traders website can also pose a threat to the quality and stability of posts hosted in the blog managed by Engage. Thus the process to apply for a Trading site installation requires that we audit all prospective Trader websites to ensure the value prospect before we onboard a new Trader site.

Under the mutual agreement Traders are seen as partners with Engage and in view of that we will make all efforts to ensure the relationship is beneficial for all concerned. The Traders are all still ultimately responsible for their own website hosting, backups, security certificates and domains. Engage does NOT TAKE OWNERSHIP RESPONSIBILITY of the website as a whole, only the content we create under the /blog/ folder.

If for whatever reason that partnership is resolved from either party, all content that exists in the website folder created by Engage remains the property of Engage Platform and will be migrated by Engage inside of a contractual timeframe.