Autopilot Brand Protection Campaign


Any soapbox blogger / keyboard cowboy / competitior with an axe to grind, can do so on your carefully crafted online reputation. A few well placed posts or reviews negatively targeting your company / brand / name and can have a major impacts into the future of your company. Engage has our own battalion of bloggers, journal makers and reviewers that can be pointed to un-stick even the sticky stuff and place it far from your customers line of sight.

Our tactic is simple. We create better sources of contextual content that is targeted on the terms you want cleaned up & protected.



Many a company reputation has been shot to shreds by some ill fated article or review. Why allow defamatory or problematic or information to keep surfacing about your brand? Engage can discreetly make sure that your online reputation is rock solid now, or into the future. We look after your business name and stay in control of the perceptions of your brand without having to send legal demands and risk mud-slinging match.

Your Brand Protection Strategy Includes : 

  • Positive unique content articles written for your company / website / brand.
  • Distribution of content articles to independent unique, websites based in South Africa!
  • Monthly report of live content items posted each month.
  • Permanent one-way links to your website and positive sentiment sources.
  • Content articles promoted via social media channels, where appropriate!
  • Article replacement lifetime guarantee.

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