Engage agrees not to disclose any information regarding client strategy with any 3rd party. Our content strategists are managed largely in-house in-sourced teams managed under P3 People and are well versed in the delacacy of client privacy and non-disclosure.

External content writing services are provided with non-client specific briefs that are created and managed by our team that create client specific content and other value added content.

Engage does not partake in any practices that may jepordise the value prospect of client offerings.

This includes, but may not be limited to

  • spam
  • restricted industries in adult entertainment
  • profanity
  • violence
  • racisim or gender related topics
  • substances legal or illegal

Engage reserves the right to refuse orders, replace or remove content and/or apply refunds for non-completed orders if terms are not adhered to, or there is any risk of  legal recourse or similar threat.

Unless specified