Let's have a look at what your competitors are doing.

  • Monthly WordPress blog posts exceeded 70 million posts in Q1 2022.
  • Results improve for 46% of bloggers who post regularly.
  • In every sector, search engines like Google and Bing are the most important way that readers find new new information about companies.
  • Businesses that blog on a regular basis see a 13 times higher return on investment than those that don’t.
  • To optimise for search engines in 2022, a blog post should be between 1,760 and 2,400 words long.
  • Every day, approximately 7.5 million new blogs are created.
  • There are more than 500 million live WordPress sites on the internet.
  • WordPress features primarily English-language content (71%).
  • 4 hours is the typical time it takes to write a single blog post.

The Bottom line is that your company needs to be herd over all that noise

Autopilot marketing uses automated platforms to take over some of the time consuming tasks of online marketing. Autopilot campaigns continue automatically each month without needing inputs or interventions from the business owner. 

We naturally create useful articles and content about and for your company and distribute it on popular 3rd party websites. Engage introduces new audiences to your business via permanent free article referrals.


Why is 3rd party content so important?

Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google are often expensive and limited to operating in certain niches under stringent guidelines. Yet the real problem with all paid advert campaigns is their longevity and impact on targeted consumers. Generally when an advertising campaign ends, so does the traffic. Repeat customers may refill the acquisition funnel for a while however the reality is that new acquisitions will taper off.

The question is, are you building an actual scalable business model or are you simply running a campaign that any competitor can replicate?

The real problems that online marketers face with content matketing for SEO

  1. Don’t have the time, patience and experience to create new stories about your company on an ongoing basis?
  2. Don’t have the time, patience and experience to distribute this content to other relevent sites on the internet so that they carry punch?
  3. Budget constraints limit spend to existing channels and leave little room for brand growth.

Which is why we do your content marketing for you!

  1. Engage actively reaches out to over 6000 independent webmasters, bloggers, news, magazine and review portals in South Africa each month.
  2. Our editors are trained to research and create unique engaging content for your brand and to distribute it on your behalf to relevent and traffic worthy websites, without absorbing your valuable time.
  3. Our writers ensure that the content produced is related to your brand and appears contextually and natually. We ensure that your unique selling points and customer offering are frequently targeted in the distributed articles.
  4. We provide a transparent platform for you to engage with content marketing strategists, track invoices and campaign outputs without ever needing to interact with 3rd party website owners.