In a number of circumstances we meet brokers on the wild internet that have direct access to websites that we can reach out to and send quality articles. These site owners or “brokers” go through a number of quality vetting processes and criteria to ensure that their offered websites meet stringent quality criteria for our advertisers.

Once onboarded, brokers are organised into various categories with Engage in accordance to the level of sites they are able to publish on, their turnaround times to publish articles, and costs or trades that may be required to distribute content are all factors that we consider in working with bokers.

In that these are external relationships (outsided of the Engage Platform) we are not in control of the content distribution.

3rd party brokers have complete control of their websites. Thus we measure much of the success in brokers relationships by monitoring the availability of the broker to rectify problems to ensure that our advertisers mandates are always upheld.

In the event where a 3rd party broker removes content, edits content or in any way de-values the content piece for advertisers. Engage Platforms strategists are compelled to stop services, adjust and replace content to maintain our advertiser mandates.

Brokers are often in command of high-end websites where they function as journalists, writers, bloggers and reporters. But by night they tap into Engage to broker all sorts of deals that work for everyone.